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Are you looking for reasons to market your online business with articles? Do you need a reason to write for your business? I have a few suggestions you can easily grasp and understand. These suggestions will not only give you reason to write, but a purpose of writing.1. Acquire Expert StatusWhen you write about your business, you become a recognized expert in the industry. This key to online marketing gives you credibility and authority to stand in the gap for your customers. The potential for your business to grow, once you become a credible entity multiplies exponentially. People pay big money for degrees and education in any given field, experience counts as education, step up and claim your share of that money with experience you share.2. Free Marketing CoverageWhen you publish content online that can be republished in ezines, and other websites, you gain exposure for your business. Those who surf, find your links. By increasing your word counts and content value, your articles will be more readily picked up and republished. The value in the articles promotes not only your business, but any business with similar interests, products, and services. Published articles render contact information and links indefinitely when ezines are maintained and archived online.3. Brand RecognitionWhen you promote your business with articles you have an opportunity to brand your business with terms, phrases, and concepts that people remember and review often. Information in any given topic will promote the use of related products. By using Article Marketing, you leave your website, your name, a key phrase, and contact information in your resource box, bringing identity and power to your business online.Are you ready to learn more about Article Marketing?

Home Based Network Marketing Business Review: How You Can Leverage A MLM Home Based Business – Business Review Article

Home Based Network Marketing Business Review:How You Can Leverage a MLM Home Based Business To Build A Residual Income That You Can Retire On! The Scam Theory Put To Bed.Network Marketing OpportunitiesEveryone has heard of them. They are called network marketing companies. Everyone has had a friend that has approached them with a network marketing “business opportunity” and asked them to “attend a meeting”. These MLM companies and the people who market these services and products seem to be just a little bit off the reservation at first glance. However, I think that there is quite a bit more than meets the eye with a handful of these network marketing companies when you look at their solid track records, and notice how much market share they have in the world’s top trillion dollar telecommunication industries.The MLM Opportunity And The Power of Residual IncomeLet’s pretend that we own a multi-billion dollar company, with a 20+ year track record, that is intimately involved with direct sales of telecommunication and energy services. The idea and the power behind the MLM business opportunity that exists, is very simple. This company is a world leader in telecommunication services, and they offer a host of them, including but not limited to, Satellite TV, Internet, Voip Phone, Merchant Services, Home Security, as well as electric and natural gas services.The magic starts to happen when you look at the compensation plan, or in other words, when you look at how you get paid! The opportunity presents itself with the Independent Business Owner essentially becoming a telecommunications broker who has the ability to offer services from top companies such as; Verizon Wireless, DirecTV, Dish Network, Century Link, Cox, Time Warner, etc… the MLM opportunity gives its business owners the ability to market services that people already use everyday. The trick is showing people how a service can solve a problem, which is most often being able to save the consumer money on their monthly bills, and then inserting them into the billing cycle to take advantage of work that they did one time, in exchange for a residual paycheck for the lifetime of that account.Every Time Someone Pays Their TV bill, You Get Paid!Think about it! You can have the opportunity to network market DirecTV and the NFL Sunday Ticket to a million American Men who will do anything to be able to watch their favorite teams every Sunday, and you can get paid every month when they pay their bill. This creates a stream of income that will pay you multiple times over just for doing the work of landing an account only one time. This is called residual income and it rocks! This is the secret that only the super rich people know, and they are trying desperately to keep the lid on this one.Let’s apply the same residual income stream model to natural gas and energy. Everyone who lives in a developed nation is going to be using and paying for electricity and natural gas for the rest of their lives. Wouldn’t it be absolutely amazing if you could get paid every time your neighbor paid his natural gas bill? How awesome would it be if you could go buy a brand new suit every time the local casino paid their electricity bill?10,000 Credit Card Swipes Per Second Across The Globe! Merchant Services Have Arrived! How Can You Profit?Last but not least, we should take a quick look at one of the most recent and exiting additions to the MLM arsenal of services that these companies offer to their reps for network marketing; merchant services. As home based business owners, we probably do a lot of business with local mom and pop shops on a daily basis. We also probably prospect and present our MLM opportunities to people in small café’s or local coffee shops. How great would it be if we could make some money ever time someone swipes their credit card at one of these places? What if we knew a business that did $100,000 worth of credit volume a month, and we were able to take a small slice of that money every month for the rest of our lives? How big of a difference would and extra $500 a month make in your family’s lifestyle?In my opinion, there is a massively huge opportunity in the MLM world when you start looking at MLM companies and their mix of competitive network marketing services that everyone already uses, and the immense training and support that they make available to their IBOs along the way. I think that anyone who is looking for a quality company to partner with for a residual income building business opportunity will find a host of different companies to choose from, so you should take great care when selecting your venture because you want to be passionate and involved with the products or services that you are going to be marketing. A MLM company, coupled with your motivation and drive is a wise choice and I believe this opportunity to be recession proof and very exciting when you think about the scope of the services that are offered.I have been involved with several MLM business opportunities, and I have found that they are all similar in their business models, the only difference is the people whom you get involved with and the amount of time and effort that is required to become successful. I hope that you have found this article to be of help to you in some way, and I hope that your MLM business journey is prosperous and profitable!

Learn How to Build Your Own Business in Article Marketing – Business Review Article

Do you want to learn how to build your own business in Article Marketing? I am sure that you have read all of the rave reviews that you can make thousands of dollars a day on the internet by doing practically nothing. Well some of that statement is true. You can definitely make a nice living on the internet…if you know how, but you WILL have to work hard and dedicate your time and efforts to succeed.In this article I would like to share with you 3 great tips to help you learn how to build your own business in Article marketing. There are thousands of people out there creating articles to market for good money and you can too.The first step I have for you is to put great thought into your title. People are more likely to click on an article with a catchy and unique title than one that looks like everyone else’s. You will want to use appropriate keywords to get your title onto popular search engines such as google, yahoo and AOL. There are different keyword search tools you can use to optimize these results.Tip #2: Do your research so that you can deliver quality articles, write about topics that are related to the product or service that you are marketing and make sure your articles are easy to understand and straight to the point. You want your article to target your readers wants and needs.Tip #3: Submit your article. Register on all of the leading article submission sites, the more articles you write the better and the more links you have pointing back to your website or blog the more money you will make.So if you get out there learn as much as you can about article marketing and dedicate yourself the get your business up and running then you will be successful.

Home Based Business Opportunity – Review Article Number 3 – Business Review Article

This 3rd in a multi-series of review articles, this article sizes up four more available options for the ever-increasing number of individuals, both male and female, that are looking for a home based business opportunity.1. MTConcepts – Are you looking for a way to enter the medical transcription industry – and at a reasonable fee? MTConcepts provides their marketing materials for individuals to promote their business to other people who might be interested in becoming a medical transcriptionist, or if you want to become a transcriptionist yourself. This company offers a complete training program that provides education in many surgical specialties and prepares its students to become certified in the medical transcription field.Cost to get involved: $4992. SportsLife – Are you a sports nut, and have always dreamed of going into your own sports business? SportsLife is looking for people with an entrepreneurial spirit who want to become a successful sports business owner. This could be the home based business opportunity you’ve been looking for. Their distributors are currently buying sporting goods and sporting apparel at terrific wholesale prices, meaning more dollars in your pocket.Cost to get involved: $2953. Today’s Senior Magazine – It’s no secret that the number of baby boomers continues to grow by the thousands every day. This monthly magazine, targeted to people who are 50 and over, is the single most read magazine of its kind in the world today. The magazine is generally distributed to locations with a high concentration of senior residents, and is a solid home based business opportunity if you have a passion to help the elderly.Cost to get involved: $10004. The Commercial Capital Training Group – This organization has long been the choice for individuals who want to own their own commercial finance business. The Commercial Capital Training Group has developed a program that enables prospective business owners to learn and enter into the profitable industry of commercial lending. Like any work from home business opportunity, you have the flexibility to work wherever you want, whenever you want, and earn a substantial income…if you’re willing to put forth the effort. The cost of entry for most people is prohibitive; however, if you have the capital to invest, the rate of return can be very high.Cost to get involved: $22,950-$500,000If you’re willing to do the research, there is a home based business opportunity for almost everyone, regardless of the amount of capital you have to invest. However, “the more you invest, the more you make” philosophy is not necessarily true in work from home businesses. In fact, many of these businesses that require a substantial investment take longer to recoup that investment, and begin to show some real profits.

Usana Business Review – 2 Tips To Make Money Fast! – Business Review Article

In this Usana business review, you’re about to discover the 3 cutting edge secrets to becoming a top income Usana earner, without begging your friends and family, without buying leads, and without ever getting rejected again.  If you’re tired of struggling or you’re frustrated with the lack of progress your business is making, these 2 tips will put your business on steroids, almost overnight!Take the next 2 minutes to read this article.  I promise you’ll like what I have to say. Read this now.Usana Review1.  Leverage the power of the Internet to capture the thousands of people who are searching for Usana products and information every month.According to, there are over 450,000 global searches per month for Usana products and services.  This means that thousands of people are looking for exactly what you offer, therefore there’s no shortage of targeted leads out there.  Put up a WordPress blog, write about your Usana business and products, and then capture all the traffic you want.  This is as easy as 1, 2, 3.Google will pick up your WordPress blog content and show it in the Usana search results.They make the purchase from your website and you put the cash in your pocket, to spend it on whatever you want!  Once Yahoo and Bing begins to pick up content, the sky is the limit!2.  Create a Facebook fan page about your Usana business and virally spread your MLM opportunity and the Usana products across Facebook.  Facebook has reached over 500 million members; therefore you have a “gold mine” of people to market to. On your Facebook fan page, provide tons of valuable information about the Usana products you offer, and then give them a website link to where they can go to purchase your products.I generate a ton of cash with this method, as well as allot of business opportunity leads!  Social media marketing has leveled the playing field between “newbie” network marketers and “veteran” network marketers.  Anyone can use this technique to take their business to the next level.These 2 Usana review tips will help you put cash in your pocket, immediately… so give them an honest try and see for yourself.If you’re SICK and TIRED of getting Usana advice… you know, like “Call your family & friends, Make 100 cold calls per day, and Blah Blah Blah”, then…

Personal My Internet Business Review – The Truth Revealed – Business Review Article

I joined My Internet Business from very beginning – April 2. I want to share with you my personal and honest My Internet Business review. What really struck me in the beginning was very professional and informative tour. Everything nicely designed, on every page separate video. Capture page like a tour was looking very professional. The next thing that really surprised me was call back request button on bottom. There are not many network marketing programs like My Internet Business with such clean and professional site design.In this My Internet Business review I want to describe a bit back office. After making a payment I got access to the back office. The first thing I saw was big button with text on it “Take A Tour Through Back Office”. I clicked it and saw about 20 minute video showing me every section in back office and explaining basic things that I have to set up on start. I must admit that My Internet Business have a great support also. There is no problem to get any answers to your questions.I have started to surf over the back office and read, watch all the goodies it is offering. My Internet Business offers great articles and resources about every way of marketing online. There are also very valuable, easy to follow videos for very new people in internet marketing and online business. I found also section for intermediate and advanced users. My Internet Business is offering content for everyone, creators did not forget about newbie.What I really liked was really intuitive navigation, everything was so easy to find. Capture page and autoresponders were already made for me, so I went to my products section and started to learn more about internet marketing. I printed over 20 ebooks right now and I must admit most of them are offering very unique content, that can’t be find in regular sites over the internet. There are ebooks about internet marketing, mindset, goal setting, crafting, real estate and gardening. You will certainly find your topic in such a large database.I was really glad when I got noticed that there is tonight webinar for new people in program. I was again walked through back office and more detailed stuff like setting up merchant account, integrating it to the system and how payments work. I got all information I needed to really start promote My Internet Business.I’m really glad to be a part of this program. Finishing this personal review I think that’s a perfect place for a learning curve to polish your marketing skills, learn more and apply this knowledge on the internet. I encourage anyone to see this tour first before making any opinion about this program. You have to see it.

Intuition and Business – Business Review Article

The Harvard Business Review had a great article on intuition: Intuition Isn’t Just about Trusting your Gut. The blog post refers to a couple Fortune 500 leaders and their decision making process.I thought it would be a good idea to dig into this a bit further.While I found it fascinating these leaders of super large companies rely on their intuition there is a fact that can get lost if you don’t read the entire post. The success of using intuition is based on experience and knowledge of the subject. In other words – to successfully use your intuition in business you need experience and a lot of knowledge.What can happen if you use your intuition too soon? You can possibly make a mistake or fail. Guess what? That’s OK. Only by trying, experimenting or going out on a limb can you gain the experience and knowledge you need. Just be prepared for the consequences. Also it is possible you made the right decision and all will go well.When should I listen to my intuition? Well this will depend on you. How much of an “expert” do you consider yourself on the subject matter? or Are you a novice still learning. If you are the expert and while you are reading data, research, customer comments, etc. and somewhere in your gut you hear a scream saying “do it” – well that’s your intuition – LISTEN!When should I ignore my intuition? Ignore is a strong word, I would suggest setting it aside while you are still learning. You may want to take note of what your “gut” is telling you and continue with your research. After you have made an informed decision, go back to your “gut” and see if you were correct.Have you made any decision based on your “gut” or “intuition”? How did it work out?

How Article Marketing is Significantly Increasing My Income (Part 3 of 5) – Business Review Article

The never-ending question: article marketing – does it work, or not? Wanting to create more passive income, I decided to give article marketing a REAL try. The following are results so far (this is Part 3 of a 5-part series).Following are more of the sites I’m consistently submitting articles to. I chose them because they had good PR and Alexa rankings.What are PR and Alexa rankings? For explanations of these, as well as details on the beginning of the study, see the 10/26/06 post on This directory has a PR rank of 4 and an Alexa rank of 62,309.You must create an author account to submit. They approve your account pretty much immediately.The submission process is a breeze and the site offers article stats, primarily, how many times the article has been downloaded, how many times it has been sent to friends, and how many articles you’ve submitted (a tracking feature).12. This directory has a PR rank of 4 and an Alexa rank of 16,710.I love the ease of this site. Once you create an author account, you can start submitting. They also have a bulk submission feature, which allows you to submit more than one article at a time. This site also has a tracking feature, so you know what you submitted, and when.One of the coolest features of this site is that it shows you how many articles are in each category. For example, as of this writing, the WRITING category had 1,090 articles, while EZINES has only 25.If it’s a toss-up as to what category to submit to, this can be a handy guideline.13. This directory has a PR rank of 6 and an Alexa rank of 2,407.You must create an author account to submit here. A really progressive feature of this site is the feed they set up for authors (many directory sites now offer this). This makes it easy for readers to get your content.This site also has a tracking feature so you can keep track of what you’ve submitted. And, it provides individual article stats (how many words the article is and how many times it’s been downloaded), but you have to click on the author’s name to get this information.In my opinion, this is a bit odd because it took me a few minutes to figure out how to find the article stats.But hey, with its Alexa and PR ranking and the sheer number of articles (almost 300,000!), it’s a site you can’t afford to overlook.14. This directory has a PR rank of 5 and an Alexa rank of 5,323.I love the ease of submission of this site – once you create an author account. BUT, it takes a while for them to approve your article for publishing – unless you use their paid submission feature (Platinum account).Eg, I submitted an article on 10/19, and as of today (11/1), I’m still waiting for that article, and subsequent ones, to be published.What does their Platinum account include? Among other things, article distribution to over 40,000+ publishers and hundreds of article directory sites for a fixed amount per month ($59.95). I have to say, it seems like a good deal – especially when I consider the amount of time I’m spending each day just submitting to 25 sites manually (about two hours).If you’re busy, this is a huuugggeee chunk of time (see what I do for you guys?!). Once I finish my little case study (on 11/18), I will be looking into paid submission software/services, and this is one I’m seriously considering.Besides the absolute horror of manual submission, I’m considering using this site’s submission service because it has a testimonial from a name I recognize and trust, Jenna Glatzer, Editor-in-Chief of This directory has a PR rank of 4 and an Alexa rank of 49,423.This site can be a bit confusing when you log on, eg, where is the “Submit Article” button? You have to click on Article Directory (left hand side of home page) and then you see a link that reads “Post a new article.”You don’t have to create an author account to use this site – tres cool! BUT, it also doesn’t offer any tracking features or article stats. So, you’re on your own here (eg, get out your article tracking pad and resign yourself to submitting and forgetting).You’ll have to check your server logs to see if any incoming traffic was generated from articles posted here.What are server logs? Basically, they are reports you can get from your web host that tells you where visitors from your site came from, eg, a click from an ad on Google, a link from an article on, etc.Again though, as this site has good rankings, it’s worth it to submit.COMMON PROBLEMS WITH ONLINE ARTICLE MARKETINGDelayed Publishing: Many article directories take days, even weeks, to publish your content. This is a double-edged sword. On the positive side, ostensibly, it means that articles are being reviewed and there is more quality content out there; eg, less garbage on the web as a whole.The negative is that it takes longer to get the word out about your product/service. So, figure this into your marketing timetable if you are rolling out a new product/service.Tracking the Effectiveness of a Directory: It is highly unlikely that you will have time to do this with any degree of detail, unless you have major chunks of time on your hands. As noted throughout this series, some directories have tracking features and provide article stats, some do not.In my opinion, time would be better spent targeting highly trafficked directories, submitting to them, and judging the “overall progress” of your article marketing campaign “over a period of time – eg, a month, a quarter, half-year, etc.”BE IN IT FOR THE LONG HAULI once read an article that said, especially with Internet marketing, it’s not the immediate results you’re after (although I have been pleased with this aspect of my little campaign so far), but the long-term benefits of establishing yourself as an expert.Once you establish your abilities and your trustworthiness — and this comes from prospects seeing you in many different places across a period of time – it will be that much easier to make the sale.As with any business venture, article marketing can garner profound results, but it takes time and effort, effort and time, to get the long-term rewards.WHAT’S GOING ON WITH THE MONEY?Holding steady at about 2.5 times what I was making (per day) before I started this experiment.READER QUESTIONSAs I’ve been getting quite a few inquiries from readers, I will devote Monday’s (11/06) issue to answering all of them. So, send in yours.In the meantime, be sure to catch the rest of the case study. I’ve been an online marketer for a while and am learning a lot! As a matter of fact, I will be conducting a similar study with online groups/forums/message boards next (details coming after 11/18).Stay tuned for Part IV.

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Quite a number of entrepreneur happen to be oblivious to the services of autoresponders. This might also come as a surprise to you but research indicate that if you might missing out on 75% of all the sales potential of your online business if you don’t have a targeted opt in mailing list.Keep reading am about to reveal to you more about autoresponders in this special autoresponder review article.An autoresponder can open up new doors of opportunities and possibilities for your online business. Having the ability to build your own list of targeted subscribers can help make your presence felt within your target niche market. It’s basically very important for your customers to see you as an authority and as the go to guy when they want something.You also want to build relationships based on trust with your prospectus customers and this can be very rewarding especially when you consider all the unscrupulous businessmen that hand around on the web.You also want a tool and a software that will not only help make your work easier you also want a tool that will serve you reliable and effectively.There are very many autoresponder services on the web and it can sometimes be very hard to come down with a good choice of an autoresponder that can serve you reliably especially when everyone of them claims to be better than the other one. Ever successful internet marketer has an autoresponder in their arsenal. An autoresponder is the only tool that can help automate your business and make your work easier and more enjoyable.

What Are The Don’ts Of Article Marketing? – Business Review Article

Article marketing has been around in various forms for as long as mass print has been available. Traditional article marketing consisted of businesses writing articles for promotion that had references to and contact information of the business in question. It proved to be a symbiotic relationship for the media that published them as they got free content while the business got free advertising space. Internet article marketing subscribes to the same basic principles, but it has an edge. It has the ability to influence the way search works, actually biasing the information consumption on the web.Submitting article to article directories instead of individual media sites allows them to be picked up by search engines, which guarantees more traffic. Not getting rejected is far from easy. Much has been said and written about the ‘do’s’ of article marketing. Let’s examine the don’ts:Don’t sound like an advertisement: Even if your article makes it past the article directory, self-serving pieces rarely have any credibility and that defeats the entire purpose of the exercise. People want useful information and opinions not sales pitches. Try to offer relevant and original information relating to the keywords in order to improve chances of visibility and consumption.Don’t use links indiscriminately: Given that articles are ultimately a sale tool, it is easy to go overboard on cross-linking to where you are actually trying to get the reader. Save the link(s) for the resource box. Peppering the body copy with links to your website is a sure way of getting your article rejected. It screams `advertising’ to the reader, thus reducing your article’s worth and impact.Don’t waste words in the Resource Box: Avoid writing ‘click here’ and making that a link. Make each and every word count and focus on relevant keywords and content and create links through them. It’s your chance to say what you do and how it relates to all the useful information you have offered for free. This again should be factual and not self serving in any way; you’ve earned your credit, don’t spoil things by begging for it.Don’t write long paragraphs: Article submission directories reformat content so it is best to use a lot of short paragraphs, subheadings and bullet points where possible. This way, even if the original formatting gets changed, it will still make sense. In any case, information is more easily digestible when presented in this format.The trick to article writing is to treat it for what it is: an opportunity to show your expertise in a given area. Staying focused on this job will ensure that you give real value to the reader who will in turn give more importance to the name that comes below. Half-baked or repetitive content with a company byline can actually do more harm than good by creating a negative image. That is, only if it actually gets past the directories and gets published.